Realigning Summer Plans


Following thirty straight
days of writing blog posts,
you may (or may not) have noticed
that I’ve been on a two week hiatus. Sometimes life throws
all kinds of crazy at us –
some of it challenging
us to the core  –
and we barely have time to reflect,
much less write about it.
But here I am once again,
happy to have a slower paced day
in which I can connect a few dots
and share my thoughts
about them with you.
Thanks for sticking with me,
despite the long pause.


When I left you at Day 30 of my challenge, I was headed to our mission Steiger’s International Center in Krögis, Germany, where I would be reunited with Denny, who’d been on tour with No Longer Music in Southern Europe for the past month. Together, we’d committed to serve for ten days during the beginning of the Steiger Missions School and Revolutionary Week, and then intended to return to Portugal for the Summer.


NLM band & crew, Revolutionary Week participants, SMS ’16 students, volunteers & staff

DSC01063Well, life can take many interesting twists and turns. And just when we get to thinking that we have a pretty good idea of what lies ahead, of where God is leading us and how it will play out, we may encounter a bump or pothole in the road. Or come upon an unexpected curve or intersection, where a quick decision must be made. What is our choice at that point? Do we plow on ahead, determined to stick to our original plan, despite evidence that something different seems to be happening? Or do we consider the possibility that God may be leading us on an unanticipated course?

Shortly after I arrived in Germany and was happily reunited with my husband, I began to sense that maybe we were supposed to be staying at the school for more than just ten days. This came as a surprise, as we’d already been asked to help out for the full ten weeks this year, but had turned down the opportunity, feeling that we should be in Portugal. Our heart’s desire is to see God break through there and Summer is such an important time to be with the people we are connected with and reaching out to.

The following day, this feeling was persisting, so I talked to Denny about it and we prayed together, asking God to make His will clear. We waited on Him, without sharing our thoughts with anyone else; a bit confused, but certain that He would speak. And of course, He did. We were approached by one of the leaders and told that certain circumstances had changed, and it would really be helpful if we’d stay for the whole summer.

Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21


When the Lord’s purpose is clear, we still have a choice to make. My hope and prayer, my deepest desire, is to always say, “YES!”. I may not understand what’s going on, why or where all this will lead. But one thing is always certain: I CAN TRUST MY GOD. And when His intention is evident, I need not have reservations in submitting to it.


We were immediately (as in within 15 minutes) able to find a wonderful couple to stay in our home in Portugal and care for our animals and garden during the months we will be away (truly amazing!). I love seeing God’s care for us and for each detail that concerns us, as we respond affirmatively to His leading and in faith, take a step forward.

So, after one month apart and then ten wildly busy days together here with the start of the school and Revolutionary Week, Denny has flown back to Portugal to get things in order so we can be away until August 22, and I’ve remained in Germany. He’ll return to the school on July 3rd.

From Day 1 of saying yes to God’s purpose, I have seen His hand in us being here at the SMS, and am humbled by how we are being used here. It makes my heart sing to know that I never need to fear, nor hold onto my plans too tightly. His Spirit will always make all things clear and guide us along the path of righteousness.


The plans of the heart
belong to man,
But the answer of the tongue
is from the LORD.

Proverbs 16:1

For the LORD of hosts has planned,
and who can frustrate it?
And as for His stretched-out hand,
who can turn it back?

Isaiah 14:27



P.S. Much more has happened over these two weeks, but I need a bit more time to chew on it before writing about it, if I decide to at all. I am truly grateful for you all,
my friends…




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