Day 28: Finding New Strength

Today, I very nearly didn’t complete my challenge. I think it was the first time.

I began the day choosing the quite overwhelming task of weeding our fruit and vegetable garden. I had really let it go this past week, since I was spending time each day at the hospital with Ge and had so many other things to get done, as well.


IMG_20160606_111734I had ten good reasons not to embark on this undertaking,
and only one
in favor –
but it was an excellent one.
If I didn’t get rid
of those weeds,
my beloved tomato, melon, strawberry, carrot, onion and zucchini plants would very likely not survive the ten days that I would be away in Germany beginning Wednesday. So it really wasn’t a matter of choice, but rather of dire necessity.

I set out right after breakfast, attempting to get a good start before the heat of the day was upon me. I made sure to apply sunscreen to my shoulders and face, grabbed my weed bucket and hoe and got to work. After under two hours, I had freed less than half the garden of the evil predators, but it was getting very hot and I was completely spent.

My phone rang and it was Ge, saying the doctor had given the OK for his release from the hospital! Hooray! He still needed to wait for some paperwork but I got busy working on arrangements to get him to the house of a friend who would be hosting him overnight.

As I made phone calls and sent emails, I felt increasingly worse: my muscles were trembling and I needed to lay down and rest. I wondered how I was going to manage to accomplish my task for the day, which still required quite a bit of attention. Plans for Ge to be picked up became more complicated and I also started working on booking his flight up to our mission’s European headquarters in Germany.

The day got away from me and before I knew it, it was late afternoon! Since I still wasn’t feeling well and the sun was blazing, I decided to work indoors on getting the house ready for our friends, who would arrive tomorrow to housesit during our absence.

At 7 pm, in the cool of the day, I finally got myself in gear enough to head back to the garden, determined to complete my challenge and more importantly, safe my plants from impending doom.

I worked solidly for two and a half hours, despite my body’s complaints, blisters forming on my fingers from swinging the hoe, and mosquitos swarming and biting me like crazy. (There are few things more irritating than that constant whining in your ears!). It truly felt like I would never be done, but finally I WAS!

I returned to the house, took a long shower (and counted 30 bites on one leg alone while applying coconut oil to my tired skin), prepared a plate of prosciutto (Parma ham), melon and strawberries and sat on the sofa to rest.

Still can’t believe I did it! There were many moments when I wanted to give up and felt like I completely lacked the strength needed for this job, but I would cry out to God and He faithfully supplied just what I needed.


The garden is weeded. Ge is out of the hospital and flying to Germany tomorrow.
All is well with my soul and I am grateful to my God.

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10


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