Rambling down dusty trails through the pine forest,

Swerving to avoid potholes,

crisp moon illuminating our way.

We reach our destination and tumble forth,

silent desolation broken only by the crashing of waves on the shore.

Not a soul in sight.

I take off barefoot running across parched wooden planks,

arms outstretched above my head, 

salty air licking my face, 

pungent smell of fish in my nostrils,

celebratory scream escapes my throat.

And I’m free.

Free from the expectations and norms,

the sadness and the “ought to be’s”!

Free from pain and scrutiny and decorum!

Laughing as my feet touch the cold sand

that squeaks beneath their weight,

I race for the water.

White froth, shocking chill, gasp for air.

I stare up at the stars piercing through the night sky, 

winking at my childlike giddiness.

And my soul is refreshed.



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