Summoning My Courage…


Photo by Whitney Rae Hurst

So it begins… with a salty mix of fear and trepidation, and childlike giddiness. With silent reverence for all that has gone before and humble submission to the One who beckons me forward.

This blog began so many years ago like a seed planted in the dark, dry earth, teeming with life though encased in its protective shell, yet unwilling to burst forth and push through to the surface.

So many have cheered me on along the way, not the least of which a precious friend who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly exactly three years ago last week. I remember Steve Malakowsky’s encouragement (more accurately experienced as “gentle insistence”) that I begin writing because my life had just been too full and rich with God’s incredible blessings and its stories cried out to be told.

Though Steve is no longer with us, his words have refused to stop breathing, prodding, reminding… along with those of numerous others spoken over the years.

So here we go. Finally. I throw caution and fear of vulnerability to the wind. And I begin.


16 thoughts on “Summoning My Courage…

  1. Thank you so much for the understanding and encouragement, Carrie. I think one of the greatest things that was holding me back was the (false) idea that I would be writing to an unknown audience, with which I would have little contact. I love interaction and exchange of thoughts and ideas… and I so desire that. But I’ve been happy to discover that my wonderful friends and readers are connecting right back with me – and it’s so wonderful. So I really appreciate you reaching out.
    Yes, it does truly take courage. But when we stand together, we are stronger. And more courageous. 🙂


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